Wardrobe Malfunction: How to Avoid 3 Common Wardrobe Building Mistakes

Here are three mistakes most women make when they put together or add to their wardrobes...
The first mistake is trusting the fashion industry and believing what they say will look good on you, and blaming yourself if it doesn't.
The fashion industry has been telling you the wrong things. Each woman has a certain type of beauty and you need to identify what your type is and dress yourself accordingly, no matter what the fashion magazines suggest for the upcoming season.
For example, maybe the woman on the cover of Vogue can pull off the business suit she is modeling but those navy pinstripes or severe lines, or even the fabric of the suit, would not be right for your type of beauty. Is there a type of business suit you can wear?

Absolutely! But you may need softer lines, or a richer color. Or some other change in order to wear the best suit look for you.
The second mistake is choosing something you like, a particular color or style or outfit, without knowing if it right for your type of beauty. What I used to do was try to copy something I saw on a mannequin or in a magazine or even on someone else, and expect it to be right for me.
But many of the outfits you see won't be right for you, not because there is anything wrong with you but because they were designed to look good on a supermodel or an image the designer had in her head. They may fit another type of beauty, but not yours.
The third mistake that almost every woman makes is believing that black and white are neutrals that look good on everyone.The fashion industry suggests that every woman should have at least one little black dress!
Sounds good. But it isn't true! Not every woman looks good in black, in fact, there are four beauty types and only one can wear black well. The same is true for white. Most of us need something other than pure white.
So if you put together the wardrobe advised in fashion magazines, one little black dress, one crisp white blouse, one pair of jeans, one blazer and so on, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment and may find that half of that planned wardrobe will sit in your closet neglected and unworn.

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Uncensored Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions from Bollywood & Hollywood

Celebrities these days are vulnerable to fashion disaster which is also called as wardrobe malfunction. It is also not uncommon that celebrity wardrobe malfunctions are caused intentionally to gain publicity. It also helps many new comers in the glamour world to get the attention from the media, public and film producers who then offer them good money and roles in their movies.

Uncensored Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions Pictures

Most of the uncensored celebrity wardrobe malfunction pictures that are available online have been circulated intentionally either by the media to get the readership or celebrity themselves to get the easy publicity.
uncensored celebrity wardrobe malfunctions

How to see the uncensored celebrity wardrobe malfunctions photos & Videos

Simply go to google image search and look for keyword wardrobe malfunction will bring many results. You can apply filters based on what you want to see. Choose videos options to get the video of any famous celebrity suffering wardrobe malfunctions.
One must however may know that many of these pictures and videos of uncensored celebrity wardrobe malfunctions are also fake and could be morphed or photoshopped.